8 reasons why students fail in online classes? or hire someone to take their classes

Majority of students opt for online classes as a substitute to campus program, it is an ideal option for working adults to acquire a degree from the comfort of their home. One has the flexibility to take the course on their own suitable time and also saves them time and money to commute to campus. It is but obvious that online course has everything a student could want, but why are students not able to pass the courses? Why are they failing? Most of them had below common reasons:

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  1. Lack of preparation for online study life:
    In general, people have exposure of attending campus classes but not the online classes. There are certain challenges that one can face during their online study life. There is constant self-motivation and suitable time management is required to stay focused and ensure all assignments and tests are done in timely manner to avoid the pile of work for them at later stages. In most cases, students lose interest and leave the degree half way as they are unable to focus on the study enough.
  2. Trouble Adapting to new online environment:
    Apparently, online classrooms are different from the physical classrooms.  Nearly every study material is in digital format, be it text file, pdf file, jpeg or PowerPoint slides. One has to adapt to this new environment of reading and learning from the screen and even completing their assignments online or digital format. Even tests are held online so being fully equipped and getting accustomed to this new style of learning is a must for online students. Some students who can’t cope up with this new environment often hire someone take their online class
  3. Lack of Technical Support or Computer skills:
    One of the very basic criteria for online education is that the student must be familiar with basic computer skills from simple logging in to classroom portal to writing assignments in word or PowerPoint document, communicating with instructors and fellow classmates through online discussion board, video calls, email and chat. These skills are pretty basic and one should be fully prepared for using these to make the online classes experience hassle free
  4. Poor Time Management:
    Students need to plan schedule for online classes; someone with poor self-planning behavior tend to fail as they plan their schedule on self-paced study leading to overburden and in the end left with loads of syllabus. The need of self-discipline is important. Due to this poor time management often leads student to fail in online courses.
  5. Social Isolation:
    While attending traditional classes, students used to experience interpersonal interaction with their peers but since virtual classes are different from the traditional environment they have hard time coping with up the new method of learning. Students feel isolated as there is minimal interaction with their instructors and peers this can further trigger depression or loneliness. To curb this, students must join online study groups or forums which can help them to be connected with their fellow learners and others as well.
  6. Zero Commitment to complete the degree:
    Often, students enroll online degree thinking they will complete the degree in no time without analyzing the actual time and effort it might need. This lack of seriousness and lack of commitment leads them to quit the online study program due to some other obligation
  7. Not all learners Cup of Tea:
    Every being has their own natural sense of learning and expressing. Someone who is very outgoing, social and learn best in groups cannot do well in online classes. Students have to ask themselves first and then choose what works best for them. By keeping all the above reasons and factors in their mind. Analyze your learning style and make a decision for yourself

  8. Life:
    Emergencies in life cannot be predicted. Some students quit their online course due to some family emergencies, high workload at office, become ill or have to take care of someone at home. These emergencies are inevitable and needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

By having realistic understanding of the online course challenges, one can make better decision and required lifestyle modifications in order to cope up with the course and achieve the desired results. This will ease out the pressure and make the process easier and adaptable. And, if you have already enrolled and finding it hard to complete. You can always contact Gradeseekers and hire someone to take your online classes