If you are a student and having difficulty in completing an online exams or degree because of employment or family duties, or if you find it difficult to complete assignments or tests on time and with acceptable grades then gradeseekers have got you covered. They assist a number of students to pass their tests, assignments, and entire classes by doing their work for them. They can also assist you with your assignments. You can hire someone to take your test in a matter of minutes using their service.

How does It work?

Below are a few steps to get started with them.

Text Them With Your Homework/ Exam Request.

All you have to do is text or email their dedicated team of experts and inform them about your next test or assignment. Give them the specific details of the exam/assignment. This will include the subject to be handled, the duration of time it will take, the due date, and other necessary information.

Let Them Match You With An Expert.

Gradeseekers have expert tutors in all fields of academics, i.e. Business and Accounting, Engineering, Nursing, Education, History, Mathematics, Psychology, and many more. As soon as you make the request, they’ll match you with one of their top tutors who will help you achieve your academic goals. The tutors are available 24/7 to help. The one you will get will depend on the category of your assignments/exam.


Agree To Your Quote And Make a Secure Payment Or Set Up a Payment Plan.

Once a tutor is assigned to you, you will have to set up a payment plan to initiate the contract. They have various methods of payment, you’ll just have to check it with them. The amount you will pay varies depending on the workload and the duration of time it will take to complete the assignment/test. They have reasonable rates though.


Communicate With Your Expert While You Get The Help You Need.

At this point, your assignments/ tests will be in the right hands of a professional. You just have to communicate with them to give them directions that are required as they also give you the work progress. Once the assignment/test is done, they will let you know. They will send you the assignment/test so that you submit it yourself or they can do the submission themselves depending on your preference.


Requests They Can Help You With.

Gradeseekers can help you out with any assignments or exam questions you may have at any time. It doesn’t matter how late you may be with your assignments/exams. Among them are:

Discussion Questions.

These are questions structured in a way that requires critical thinking skills and knowledge in the field. They may require discussion but their answers are quite straightforward. Gradeseekers have specialists in this field too.

Tests and Quizzes

These include long-form and short-form answers. Short-form questions mainly have choices while long-form questions do not have choices. This type of assignment does not usually take a lot of time since it can all be done in one sitting.

Writing Assignments.

These are mainly in essay form. It requires a lot of research and they are so wordy. They could take a number of pages. It could take a lot of time depending on the required length.

Group Work.

These are assignments/exams intended to be done in groups. In case you don’t have time to work with the other group members or just don’t feel comfortable working with them, then gradeseekers experts can help you out by submitting your part of the task to the other group members.