A compare and contrast essay is a sort of writing that compares and contrasts two themes. It illustrates how and why the themes are similar in some ways and distinct in others, as the title suggests. The essay style usually includes body paragraphs that explain both issues before concluding with an ultimate analysis.

What is the need to draft a compare and contrast essay?

In a compare and contrast essay, you can compare and contrast two topics in the very same essay. Thesis statements, key points, and direct and clear information must address both themes. Logic and reason are also required in evaluating and comparing articles. You have to go above basic writing style to analyze and describe the relationship among your topics in order to write the essay. A great comparison essay can teach readers about current affairs, political figures, vacation places, and items.


How to draft a compare and contrast essay

You have to be very clear while drafting a Compare and Contrast Essay.  All the important points must be covered in the context.

Given below are some important points that will help you to draft a perfect compare and contrast essay:


Start with a Venn Diagram:

What you need to know is the complete analysis between the two topics. This implies that you will need a complete set of information on both topics before you start writing. A Venn Diagram in this case acts as a brainstorming tool and will help you to draft a perfect compare and contrast essay.


Write your own thesis statement.

Once you know what is common and different among your topics you now know the difference between the two topics. This helps to develop your own thesis statement and now you can build the sentences for the essay.

Make a plan for your project.

Now, plan a good outline for your essay. It really helps when you have the structure of writing. The typical essay style is followed by a decent comparison and contrast essay overview: an opening paragraph, body paragraphs, and a summary.

Write the introductory paragraph.

It should be attractive as it will be the attraction for users to read the complete essay.

Write the first paragraph.

Start with one field of comparison. For example, if you are comparing food start with the way of preparation or the culture, it belongs to. Devote a minimum of two and a maximum of three lines in comparison to one feature.

Repeat the above process for the next paragraphs.

Take several points of comparison and complete the paragraphs.

It is time to conclude now.

A superb ending is required for a terrific compare and contrast essay. With this time, you should have demonstrated why your two topics are both highly comparable.

Proofread the essay.

Your essay isn’t finished until you’ve gone over it with a fine-toothed comb. Make absolutely sure that each of your topics has an equal amount of space in the essay.